The Raid Redemption Mobile App

The Raid Redemption
The Raid Redemption
The Raid Redemption


Around 2011 when rumor of the action flick “The Raid Redemption” was about to be released, I decided to make an unofficial version of the movie app as a fan (although back then I hadn’t watch the film when making this app).

Put a lot of effort and time into this app, original movie soundtrack was embedded with link to purchase the entire album. Trailers of the movie, actors bio and even small game inside the app to showcase the movie potentials and not to include learning how to program the app using new codes for IOS in 3 months.

It received staggering appreciations from everyone including more than 5,000 downloads on IOS and more than 6,000 on Android.

Will I do it again? Don’t know, I haven’t come across any Indonesian movie since that I wanted to do an app for lately…


The Raid Movie (unofficial)